Attendance Information

Regular attendance is necessary for the student's academic success. It also promotes a positive work ethic for employment skills and future success.
Parents/guardians are requested to notify the office via a note or telephone call prior to 9 a.m. on or before the day their child will be absent for any reason.
The voice mail attendance hotline is open 24 hours per day number is 952-758-1605. Failure to call may result in an unexcused absence.
This policy has been instituted for the safety of your child, therefore, your cooperation is appreciated.
Parents/guardians are asked to call or send a note with their child prior to appointments and vacations, etc. Please include the name of the person picking up your child if it is someone other than the parent/guardian. Whoever picks up the child will be asked to sign the child out of the office while a secretary contacts the child through the teacher. Students picked up prior to 3:30 p.m. will result in one-half day absence.
An absence will be excused if the parent calls the school or provides a written note which is signed by a parent/guardian and states that the absence is a result of one of the following conditions:
1.  Illness, injury or hospitalization of the student.
Illness totaling ten (10) days per year may require a report from a doctor. All students falling behind in the classroom due to absences may be referred to the Student/Teacher Assistance Team.
2.  Disability of the student.
3.  Medical, dental, and other professional appointments which cannot be scheduled outside school hours. This does not include haircuts, etc.
4.  Family emergency, serious illness in the family or a death in the family.
5.  Religious or cultural holidays or observances as approved by the administration.
6.  Mandatory court appearances.
7.  Conditions beyond the student's control. Examples are: automobile accident or delayed school bus due to inclement weather.
8.  Pre-approved family trip. Parents are strongly encouraged to schedule such trips during school breaks and vacations.
9.  Compliance with any provision of a disabled student's Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Section 504 Accommodation Plan.
10.  Special education assessment performed by or at the direction of school district personnel.
11.  Pre-excused participation in a school-sponsored activity. Examples are: music lessons pre-arranged with the music teacher or a school-sponsored music performance. These absences will not count against the cap of ten (10) absences.
12.  Vacation: work will be assigned prior to leaving on a vacation. The due date is up to the teacher's discretion.
Examples are:
1.  Running late
2.  Oversleeping
3.  A malfunctioning alarm clock
4.  Missing the bus
5.  Shopping
6.  Visiting friends
7.  A haircut
If a student has been out of school for two days or longer because of illness or hospitalization and a note is submitted from their doctor stating the medical condition and length of absence, the attendance record will be corrected to reflect the fact that the absence was due to a medical reason. Doctors excused absences will not count against the cap of ten (10) absences.
The student's day begins at 9:00 a.m. The tardy bell rings at 9:10 a.m. Students arriving after 9:10 a.m. must get signed in at the office and take a yellow slip to their teacher.
1.  Parents should be aware that according to Minnesota Sate Law, a student who is absent for fifteen (15) consecutive days must be withdrawn.
2.  No credit is earned during the time a student is not enrolled.
3.  Students under 18 years of age who have any combination of 7 unexcused absences will result in a Truancy Petition being filed with the appropriate County District Court, Juvenile Court Division.
4.  If the student has suffered an extended illness and required work has not been completed, the class record will show an 'Incomplete.' A grade will be assigned after the work is completed according to the make-up policy guidelines.
5.  If a student experiences an extended, long-term illness of 15 consecutive school days, he/she may be eligible for homebound instruction. Parents should contact a counselor or the principal to make these arrangements
1.  Hold your child accountable for regular attendance and for following the attendance policy.
2.  Limit absences by scheduling appointments, vacations, etc. after school or on non-school days.
3.  Notify the office in writing, or by calling the attendance line at 952-758-1605, of an extended pre-excused absence beforehand.
4.  Contact the office, social worker and/or teacher if you have any concerns about your child's attendance.